Talk with Vogel Telecom

Vogel invests in tools and processes that allow us greater efficiency, productivity, management, control and satisfaction of our customers.

Based on this, we offer to all customers an open channel so that they can maintain direct and close contact with Vogel.

The Vogel Relationship Center (VRC) is available through the telephone number 0800 800 7878 to register and forward any type of internal service.

This call opening method by VRC establishes a series of gains and benefits for our customers:

  • Customer service protocol, which allows registration and traceability;
  • Mapping of the request, allowing greater speed in the service;
  • Commitment to deadlines, because every call has a service SLA;
  • Management and monitoring of calls;
  • Contact customers to collect feedback and guarantee problem resolution and satisfaction;
  • Satisfaction Survey for service evaluation.

24-hour service

0800 800 7878


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Our adresses

We have offices in important cities. Check out some of our locations.

Av. Prof. Vicente Rao, 1262
Jardim Luzitânia São Paulo/SP
04636-001| Brazil
R. José Pedro Boéssio, 114
Humaitá Porto Alegre/RS
90250-050 | Brazil
Rua André Luiz Ribeiro da Fonte, 25
Sala 204 - Pitangueiras Lauro de Freitas/BA
42700-000 | Brazil
Rua do Bosque, 185
Barra Funda São Paulo/SP
01136-000 | Brazil
Rua Pedro II, 296
São Cristovão Rio de Janeiro/RJ
20941-000 | Brazil
Rua Frei Matias Teves, 280 - Sala 204
Ilha do Leite Recife/PE
50070-410 | Brazil
Rua Dr. Gilberto Studart, 55
Sala 315 - Torre Sul Fortaleza/CE
60192-105 | Brazil
Cond. Industrial Firenze Business
Park - Rua C, 581 - Quadra 4 - Lote 6
Pachecos Palhoça/SC
88135-010 | Brazil
Rua Albita, 131, Térreo
Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte/MG
30.310-160 | Brazil